Who is the designer of ROSA ROSE ?

Alexandra Bronkers’s choices have always been artistic. She has always had a passion for many forms of art : aesthetic creation, fashion and beauty. She was delighted to wear top fashion designers’ clothes on the TV shows she presented on famous French channels.

Her main interest is the blossoming, beauty, and style of women. She devoted herself to this passion as the editor of « Guide de la Femme », in which 40 pages were reserved for fashion.

Eager to create, she decided to go into fashion design, rushing to New York to take courses in style and design at F.I.T, and back in France, she launched the brand Rosa Rose : a premier collection of silk blouses for winter 2004-2005 and t-shirts for spring and summer 2005 (including tank tops with crew and V-necks, as well as short-sleeved t-shirts). Her aim is to design modern style clothing which permits women to feel good, thanks to an ingenious mix of sensuality and dynamism … while at the same time sexy, feminine and sporty.

Alexandra Bronckers is back to her first love, creating designs allying casual materials like cotton, with luxury elements such as metal, semi-precious stones, new glosses and glitters… trendy and easy to wear.

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